Coronavirus News


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Coronavirus (COVID 19)news

Just wanted to communicate some things to all of you regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and some of your pastor/elders thoughts on how to respond to the issue.

The church has taken actions that we deem prudent for the safety and health of the public. Briefly, a large amount of our activities have been suspended and for activities that are taking place we are following CoVid protocols by the state and/or the city. 

Attention: We are currently in the "orange" tier in CoVid protocols. However, worship services are in-person. In addition we have Drive-In Church, Facebook live video or you can tune into 107.3 on your FM dial. However the FM station has a limited range (around a one block radius.) You can sit in our new parking lot and listen to the radio and fellowship with people after the message if you choose to. The website also publishes the message under the sermons section and is usually published within the same day.

We want to let you all know that we are taking some extra precautions in cleaning the church, such as wiping door handles & extra cleaning of the restrooms for use during the drive-in service.  We’d encourage those coming to church to take care in washing their hands.

To repeat, many of our normally scheduled church functions are suspended until further notice.  Our heart is simply to show love towards those most likely to be severely affected by the spread of the currently circulating sickness. The Lord hasn’t given us a Spirit of fear and yet He has given us a Spirit of power, of love, and of a sound mind.  I’d encourage you to love & use sound judgment as you evaluate risk to yourself and others and towards a confident rest in the care or your God.  In this short-term crisis of sorts, you should feel the liberty to walk according the Spirit’s leading in your life.  We love you all & look forward to seeing you sooner, later, or all of the above.

Pastor Mason and the Elders